Millshop Services

Our millshop is open and ready to assist you!! We can do almost anything with a piece of wood in our shop including, but not limited to: Millshop Products

  • Edge & end-grain Butcherblock
  • Table Tops, Counter & Island Tops
  • Stair Treads, Risers, Skirts and Nosing
  • Custom Threshold and Transition Strips
  • Reproduction Moldings
  • Custom Sawn Veneer

Shop rate: $75/hr, $40 minimum. Stop in to discuss your project. All quotes are absolutely free! Specialty services

  • Planing up to 24”
  • Wide belt sanding up to 42" ($120/hr, $60 min)
  • Resawing up to 16” ($120/hr, $60 min)