Antique Moulding Reproduction

Do you have a piece of wood moulding that has rotted out because of insects or water? Has it been damaged in a recent storm, or just from long-term exposure to the weather? Believe it or not, you are in luck by finding us! Jeremy - the guy who runs our millshop - has somewhat of a passion for reproducing antique mouldings!

In his home workshop he spends hours remaking old wood products using the same tools and techniques they used 150 - 200 years ago...preferably pre-Civil War/Industrial Revolution. Hand tools. Chisels. Wooden hammers. No sanding - smoothed by chisels & feel. He tries to recreate the look and feel - and by extension, the history - of the pieces he works on.

He uses more contemporary methods for doing the job here, but he puts the same dedication and passion into each and every piece. You will not be disappointed.

Give us a call at (802) 497-3530, or email us at for more information.

Custom Milling services will be performed as our schedule allows