CNC Milling

We now offer full service CNC (Computer Numeric Control) milling for everything from small individual projects, up to mid-sized production runs. With its 4' x 8' bed, our CNC is capable of handling full sheets of plywood.

From Concept to Final Design

We are able to work with you at throughout the design process - from the proverbial "drawing on a napkin" all the way through to prototyping and producing the finished product. If you already have a CAD drawing you want to use, we can import that into our software and produce a product to your exact dimensions. As a small, local company, no project is too small for us to work with you on. Our CNC operator was raised in Vermont from a very young age with strong Vermont roots & values, and received his degree in Studio Art from UVM. He can work one-on-one with you and create virtually any design you can dream of.


We love working with our customers to make hand-made, one-of-a-kind projects out of wood...we really do. However, we also understand that there are times where for some projects, it is important to get the same product over and over again with exacting precision. CNC routing allows us to do just that - replicate the exact pattern again and again. As a bonus, we retain your design in our system so that when you need another batch of products, you can be assured that they will be exactly like the last batch.

Less Material Waste

CNC routing allows us to maximize the number of products and components we can produce from a single block or sheet of wood. How many times have you had to buy more wood than you really wanted to just because the two pieces you wanted to make were too close to cut safely or accurately? CNC routing lets us position the cutting tools in exactly the right location and creating precision cuts, resulting in the least possible waste of materials.








Programming - $125/hr

Run time - $100/hr

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