Millshop Services

Are you working on a wooden DIY home project but it's taking longer than it should because you don't have the right tool?

How about a larger project that you don't have quite enough time to spend doing it right, so you'll do it good enough?

We've all tried avoiding buying another expensive piece of woodworking equipment that you need now, but then might use again in a year or two? Or worse, buying an inexpensive piece of equipment that isn't made for doing what you need, but you'll make it work anyways because it's cheaper (but not safer)!

We here at TreeHouse Hardwoods and Millshop take pride in the fact that we are small enough to work with discerning homeowners working on small remodeling projects, but hard-working enough to meet the demands of larger projects required by builders and contractors.

We can make just about anything from wood. Here in Vermont we typically use Hard Maple, Cherry, or Black Walnut, but we can make whatever you need from any available hardwood. If you have a specific wood in mind just let us know and we'll find it for you!

We provide custom millwork for new construction, remodeling of current dwellings, and our favorite - restoration of historic buildings. Please contact us for all of your small-to-medium sized projects!

General Shop rate - $85/hr, with a $50 minimum

  • Edge, face & end-grain Butcherblock

  • Table Tops, Counter & Island Tops

  • Stair Treads, Risers, Skirts and Nosing

  • Custom Threshold and Transition Strips

  • Reproduction Moldings

  • Custom Sawn Veneer

  • Planing (up to 24”)

Specialty Service rate - $120/hr, with a $60 minimum

  • Wide belt sanding (up to 42")

  • Resawing (up to 16”)

We don't make a great many things...
but we do make many things great!

Custom Milling services will be performed as our schedule allows.