The Barringer Board

Introducing our "Original Design" cutting board - The Barringer Board!

Featuring softly rounded edges, a tapered base, and a 6-inch handle, The Barringer Board is perfect for small get-togethers.

  • Made from Vermont Maple hardwood - the same wood that provides us with the sap used to make 100% Vermont Maple Syrup

  • The 9.5 inch x 11 inch working surface accommodates a nice variety of cured meats, crackers, and cheeses

  • Our 6" handle features gentle curves and rounded ridges designed to provide a secure yet comfortable grip for any sized hand

  • The edge grain design is perfect for cutting boards, as it tends to hide knife marks while still allowing for the beauty of the wood grain to shine

  • With an overall length of 17 inches, this board is small enough to easily clean in your kitchen sink

  • The bottom is slightly hollowed to provide you with a lighter board that is able to sit flat on your tabletop / countertop surfaces

How it's made

The Barringer Boards are made from shorter pieces of wood that are left over during the crafting of our Butcherblock Countertops. Unlike other butcherblock companies, we don't glue short pieces together to make longer pieces that can be used to make inferior quality countertops.

What WE do is we screen these shorter pieces for cracks & knots and use them to make other high quality products - which also minimizes the amount of wood that leaves our shop as "scrap".

  • Each piece of wood is hand selected for size, wood pattern, and species

  • We glue each piece together using a glue that is FDA approved for indirect food contact

  • Each board is hand sanded to provide a smooth flat surface

  • We use an All Natural food safe finish so you can be sure your food remains free from harsh chemicals used in other finishes

Designed to complement our Butcherblock Countertops, The Barringer Board is the perfect Housewarming Gift!