The Vermont Butcherblock Company

The Vermont Butcherblock Company!

The Vermont Butcherblock Company - custom made kitchen countertopsThe Vermont Butcherblock Company - custom made kitchen countertopsThe Vermont Butcherblock Company - custom installed kitchen island

Our Maple Butcherblock is a true Vermont product. The wood comes from Maple trees grown in Vermont, which are then logged and trucked by Vermonters to Vermont mills. Once dried, the wood comes to our shop in South Burlington where it is custom fabricated for you by Vermont Craftsmen.

Over the years we have made, sold, and installed hundreds of butcherblock countertops throughout Vermont, New York, and New England. During this time we have established a strong reputation for crafting beautiful, high-quality butcherblock countertops that have been custom made to exacting measurements based on the specific needs of the architect or contractor.

You can now buy the same high quality countertops in a standard configuration from our online store - The Vermont Butcherblock Company!

If you are looking to order a custom countertop, please contact us at The Tree House Hardwoods & Millshop.

Telephone: 802.497.3530

You will also find items for your home that will complement your butcherblock countertop.

These items are finished and ready to use, made to the same high quality standards as our countertops.

While we can make Butcherblock out of any species of wood, we love nothing more than the look of solid hard Maple responsibly harvested from the Green Mountains of Vermont. These Maple trees provide the delicious Vermont Maple Syrup our state is famous for, as well as contribute to our vibrant fall foliage and the beautiful rolling green hills that are the backdrop of our state's working landscape.

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